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Stranger Things (Netflix): date, intrigues, casting... All news about Season 3
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    Stranger Things (Netflix): date, intrigues, casting... All news about Season 3 2018/3/1 10:56:28

    Here is all you need to know about the season 3 of Stranger things, for which we will have to show patients. How many episodes will it count? Which actors join the series? Confirming the success of season 1, upgraded to the Netflix platform in the summer of 2016, Season 2, available since October 27, 2017, recorded phenomenal audience scores. According to the American Institute of Measurement Nielsen, the first episode was seen by 15, 8 million subscribers during the first weekend (27-29 October). Over the same duration, each episode attracted, on average, 8.8 million subscribers. How many episodes will there be?

    The season 3 of Stranger things should be a little shorter than the previous one. Season 2 had nine episodes, the third one would only have eight chapters. This number corresponds however to that of the first season.
    When will we see Season 3?

    No date is indicated at this time. Fourteen months elapsed between the broadcast of the first two seasons of Stranger things. We can speculate on an equivalent period for the continuation. At this rate, season 3 would be visible at the end of December 2018. The plot could also be connected to the calendar, as is the case with season 2, which starts around Halloween. Ross Duffer recently confided in the site Vulture: "I like the first days of each season, psychologically, everyone feels like they are in front of a blank page and is anxious to fill." The shooting should start in mid-April 2018.

    In December 2017, actor David Harbour was very pessimistic. "You probably won't see season 3 before 2019," he told Variety. But that's part of the thing, like all the good things. The Duffer brothers need time. And these guys are big bosses. They spend 12 to 16 hours a day writing. "

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