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    Scandal: Which President will be in season 7? 2018/1/6 11:22:20

    There will be a new tenant at the White House, at the beginning of the Scandal season 7. As we saw in the final of season 6, Mellie took an oath and will take possession of the Oval Office. But what POTUS will it be? Careful spoilers!

    This is already a first clue, in this first excerpt from episode 1 (below), which will be aired this Thursday evening on the American ABC, in which we see her arguing with Cyrus and Olivia.

    "Mellie knows that Cyrus is the devil, but that he is the best at his post. There are no two Washington beasts like Cyrus beene. But she also knows that she cannot trust her as much as she would like, "explains actress Bellamie Young in TVLine. "On the other hand, there's Olivia. I feel like the two women are just sitting on a big tank of kerosene waiting for a match! There are so many things Mellie doesn't know. I'm not sure she'll ever know, or even how she might react, if she learns the truth, but it's all? A risk of exploding. In the meantime, Mellie has the hope of writing the story with Olivia. She feels invincible with Olivia at her own. So I think it will be biblical, when she realizes what is actually going on... "

    For now, the new boss of the United States is working on his presentation: "We have made an effort to streamline and simplify its appearance. She wears less frivolity, no flowers. To give the idea that she is well in command. She could even wear pants once in a while. It'll be a whole new Mellie! "

    It must be said that America is not "still accustomed to having a woman at the head of the White House," says Young. "Everything Mellie's going to do will not be valued at her fair value. The observers will judge through the filter of the way in which her hair appears that day, or if she wore pants. A single woman in power is unprecedented. And we will certainly explore that. "

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