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Stranger Things (Netflix): date, intrigues, casting... All news about Season 3
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    Vikings (Season 5): Where Are we? 2018/1/13 15:18:29

    Viking Season 5 started on the History Channel in the United States on November 29 and will continue until January 24,2018. As usual, Vikings cuts his season in two parts, ten episodes each. The first part of this fifth edition is broadcast in France on Canal + from Thursday, January 11 at 21h, at the rate of two episodes per evening.

    Where were we at the end of season 4 of Vikings? The latter marks a turning point in the history of the series, with the death of the hero Ragnar Lothbrok, played by Travis Fimmel. These 20 episodes follow the battles in France between Ragnar and Rollo, the Bjorn raid in the Mediterranean and the invasion of England by the Vikings. After the assault on Paris, the Vikings returned to Kattegat. If Ragnar is victorious, he's wounded too. Once he was handed over, he decided to return to Paris for his brother Rollo to be judged. But the Vikings face many failures and have to fall back on Kattegat.

    A few years later, when the second part of Season 4 opened, Ragnar returned after his exile. He discovers the projects of his sons and asks Ivar to accompany him on a last trip to England. Ragnar was then captured by King Ecbert of Wessex and delivered to King Aelle of Northumbria. Tortured, Ragnar finds death in a snake pit. Ivar returns alone and announces the terrible news to the people and his family. The Vikings decided to form an army to avenge the death of their king and manage to overthrow the kingdoms of Northumbria and Wessex, as well as their monarchs. From his Lagertha, he took advantage of the absence of the Warriors to recover the Kattegat and proclaim himself queen of the city.

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